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Watch this video and more on Open Operating Theatre (OOT)

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Posterior surgery congenital scoliosis

Dorsal access Stabilization / Correction • 11m

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  • Surgery of a sacral malformation in a...

    Surgery of a sacral malformation in a Klippel-Feil syndrome
    Aebi Max MD, Professor
    Hirslanden Salem-Spital
    Projekt 09-003

    This video demonstrates a exclusive posterior surgery with a transsacral-lumbar fibula strut for fusion of a complex Klippel Feil type III malformation at t...

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    Correction and stabilization in ankylosing spondylitis of cervicothoracic spine
    Pavlov Paul W. MD, PhD
    Sint Maartenskliniek
    Projekt 09-002

    This video shows a corrective spinal wedge osteotomy according to Ed. Simmons with an elongation of the anterior column and a correction...

  • Fusion in craniocervical malformation

    Fusion in craniocervical malformation
    Grob Dieter MD, Professor
    Project 09-001

    This video shows a combined front and back surgical treatment of a malformation of the upper cervical spine - C1 fused with occiput, synostosis C2/3, Dens invagination and blocked vertebral artery o...