Upper cervical spine - Malformations

Upper cervical spine - Malformations

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Upper cervical spine - Malformations
  • Fusion in craniocervical malformation

    Fusion in craniocervical malformation
    Grob Dieter MD, Professor
    Project 09-001

    This video shows a combined front and back surgical treatment of a malformation of the upper cervical spine - C1 fused with occiput, synostosis C2/3, Dens invagination and blocked vertebral artery o...

  • Occipitocervical fusion

    Occipitocervical fusion
    Abumi Kunioshi MD, Professor
    Sapporo Orthopaedic Hospital for Spinal Disorders
    Sapporo, Japan
    Project 10-014/1

    This video shows an occipitocervical decompression and fusion in a craniocervical anomaly with upwards migration of the odontoid into the foramen magnum, causing...