Masterclass 4

Masterclass 4

Masterclass 4 presents highlights of classical surgical procedures, which have lost no importance over the years for basic and continuous training for every spine surgeon.

The surgeries are performed by international known spine surgeons presenting highlights of classical surgical interventions on low back pain and cervical neck pain.

The fourth Masterclass edition presents two surgeries:
4.1 "Masterclass 4.1 Microsurgical Decompression"
4.2 "Masterclass 4.2 Artificial Lumbar Disc Replacement"

Masterclass 4
  • Masterclass 4.1 Microsurgical decompression

    Microsurgical decompression
    Masterclass 4.1
    Michael Mayer MD, Professor
    Schön Klinik München Harlaching
    Project 22-019
    In this video we present a microsurgical decompression surgery on an aged patient suffering from spinal stenosis.

  • Masterclass 4.2 Artificial cervical disc replacement

    Artificial cervical disc replacement
    Masterclass 4.2
    Aebi Max MD, Professor
    Hirslanden Salem-Spital
    Etter Christian R. MD
    Hirslanden Klinik Aarau
    5000 Aarau
    Project 22-020

    In this video we show a surgery in a patient with flexion weakness in the elbow and...